WP Filterize

WP Filterize – Instant photo filters plugin for WordPress

Make in one click your images unique, captivating, and beautiful with 50 Instagram-like photo filters.
With WP Filterize, you can compose the perfect photos for any post, page or blog featured image. Forget Photoshop and long editing processes! Applying filters to images will not slow down minimally your website since every filtered image is saved as new image attachment.

  1. Just select an existing image or click the plugin button to add a new.
  2. Choose the best filter for you and look the instantly preview.
  3. Save new image and add it in your content.

Apply photo filters to a new image

Apply photo filters to an existing image

Apply photo filter to image from external URL

WP Filterize Key Features

  • One click Image Filtering
  • 50 instant photo filters, Instagram-like
  • Integration in WordPress Post Editor
  • Instantly filtered image preview
  • Set custom image size, alignment, link, caption or optional css class directly from plugin window
  • NO front-end performance impacts
  • Infinite possibilities to combine filters
  • Really easy to use
  • Friendly Support 😉

Included Photo Filters

WP Filterize include an indipendent library for editing your images with 50 Instagram-like filters instantly using canvas manipulation in Javascript. This library is supported in all browsers. Applying filters to images will not slow down minimally your website since every filtered image is saved as new image attachment.

The Photo Filters included are:

  • greyscale
  • sepia
  • invert
  • 1977
  • blue
  • brannan
  • clarity
  • coffee
  • concentrate
  • cross process
  • everglow
  • fall
  • fogy blue
  • four shores
  • fresh blue
  • frozen
  • glowing sun
  • gotham
  • grungy
  • hazy days
  • hefe
  • hemingway
  • her majesty
  • intensify
  • jarques
  • let it rain
  • lomo
  • lord kelvin
  • love
  • moonstone
  • nashville
  • nostalgia
  • old boot
  • old school
  • orange peel
  • pinhole
  • posterize
  • purple
  • retro
  • sin city
  • summer
  • sunrise
  • sunset
  • tender petals
  • threshold
  • trains
  • vintage
  • washed
  • x-pro II

Photo Filters Preview